Shuster Rudder Bearings

Shuster designs and deliver precision engineered Rudder Bearings from
the most simple to the most complex. Shuster is an international
company working with boththe small companies as well as
the largest corporations in the world.

Shuster Ruccer Bearings
Rugged, Smooth, Serviceable

Shuster Rudder bearings are superior bearings engineered in the USA, made to survive the unique harsh marine environment.

Shuster Rudder bearings are made to the highest quality standards and offer both self-aligning Rudder bearings and Plan Rudder bearings for easy steering with minimal friction.

Shuster Rudder bearings are designed to replace many failed Rudder bearing installations in many production models with replacement for ACC, Edson, Harken, Tides Marine and Jefa bearings.

Shuster Rudder bearings are designed to outperform and outlast, we strive to engineer bearings that will endure time and will very likely be the last Rudder bearing you will ever replace.

Available from Shuster Rudder bearing replacements made for production models:
J boats; J160, J46, J44, J42, J40, J37, J42, J39, J145,J120, J124, J109, J105, J100, J92, J35, J34, J33, and J32s.
Alden 46, 45, 43. All TPI built Sundeer 64, 60, 56 models and CC99 Plane bearings and soon many more.
Upper Rudder Bearings available upon request.

Shuster also offer complete Rudder shafts, Rudder bearings, GRP Bearing housings, Gaiter seal kits for new projects and production models currently in production.

Shuster has, through its 90 years of experience, is recognized for its extraordinary ability to deliver the highest level of engineering solutions at reasonable costs. We invite your challenges; you won’t be disappointed, our staff is well trained to ensure your satisfaction.

Call one of our Rudder bearing specialist (774) 206-8518 to discuss your particular requirements.

Shuster Bearing P/N S12327