Ember protection is extremely important in order to protect fire suppression equipment as well as human life. The Racor Moisture Ember Separator (MES) protects the downstream air filter from embers using a combination of unique flat and crimped metal screens constructed into a galvanized steel frame. This multilayered screen design traps embers and allows them to burn out before passing through the pack, while creating only minimal air flow restriction through the system.

In the event of fire hot embers may burn holes in the air filter, allowing dirt, sand, smoke and other particles to contaminate and shut down the engine, often beyond repair. Even worse, a burning air filter may lead to a major vehicle fire. Also, large amounts of free water in the cylinders can result in broken pistons or bent rods. The Racor Moisture & Ember Separator is specifically designed to help separate hot embers from entering the engine intake. Meets NFPA guidelines.

Note: Periodic cleaning or replacement of the screen is all that’s required after installation.

  • Removes embers from air flow.
  • One inch thick.
  • Can be used as a moisture separator.