AFM Series

Marine Air Filters

  • Air flow rates between 800 and 1600 cubic feet per minute (CFM).
  • Washable reusable Element.
  • Restriction indicator port.
  • CCV port.

In order to determine the correct marine air filter application, you will need to know the marine air filter rating (AFR). You will need to provide the hose connection to turbo. Choose the correct marine air filter application per the following guideline: Verify that the marine air filter dimensions will fit into your engine room.

How They Work
The Racor marine air filter/silencer removes contaminants introduced into the air from both outside and inside the vessel. Sand, salt, carpet fibers and other contaminants are trapped in the oil-impregnated filter media. Turbo noise is reduced by the unique design of the air filter/ silencer housing. An integral hose connection on the housing routes the clean blow-by from the CCV back into the engine.