Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC)

AZ Purifier™

* AZ Purifiers and Purimufflers offer an industry leading, verified 20-40% PM (Particulate Matter) reduction* values depending upon on the application. Other manufactures offer only verified PM reduction* values of 20 to 26%. Our competitors claim to offer similar high levels of PM reduction, but only Engine Control Systems backs it up with actual EPA verification.

* THE BEST DOC SOLUTION IN THE INDUSTRY, PERIOD! AZ Purifiers and Purimufflers employ an advanced zeolite containing washcoat and precious metal catalyst that afford superior low temperature performance.

* Can be combined with the ECS Closed Crankcase Ventilation (CCV) system which increases verified PM reduction to 40% for all 1991 to 2004 Medium and Heavy Duty Highway engine applications compliant to a 5 or 4 g/hp-hr NOx standard. (see section on ECS CCV)

* With over 800 direct fit designs, ECS provides you with the most cost effective long term solution which you can feel good about.

* Why would you buy less PM reduction from another manufacture? ECS AZ Purifiers and Purimufflers™ allow you to reduce more PM from more vehicles.

ECS also offers the DZ and EZ diesel oxidation catalyst supported on a metallic substrate which affords exceptional resistance to vibration and affords the lowest possible exhaust backpressure.

* The DZ series was the first diesel purifier in the industry to feature quick release band clamps. This allows the center body to be readily removed for periodic engine-out opacity measurements or for purifier cleaning. These DZ purifiers are also available with modular add-on DMS and DMXS silencers.
* The EZ purifier offers the same metallic substrate based catalyst as the DZ purifier but in an all welded purifier to afford the most compact size and lower cost

* Current EPA Verified Technologies PM reduction values dependent upon the specific engine and application using USLD fuel. Values are subject to change.