The Emissions Control System that Pays for Itself!
TermiNOx™converts any open-loop LPG or CNG fueled off-road engine into a state of the art, digitally programmable, closed-loop, 3-way controlled engine that simultaneously reduces CO, HC, and NOx emissions by an impressive and verified 85-90+%*. In addition, the fuel efficiency of the vehicle typically improves by as much as 20% - combine these savings and reduced building ventilation costs and the TermiNOx™ system can provide you a full return on investment in as little as one year.

TermiNOx upgrades uncontrolled spark ignited engines used in industrial applications with state-of-the-art, electronic closed-loop fuel control and 3-way catalytic emissions control to reduce:

  • Smog-causing (HC+NOx) emissions by >90%
  • Toxic Carbon Monoxide (CO) emissions by >85%
  • Fuel Consumption by 10-20%

*Verified as the only LSI technology (large displacement engine spark ignited) by the Air Resources Board

Retrofit TermiNOx on your vehicle for free*

We understand you're in business to run your business. Count on our assistance and support for submitting an application, proper training, successful quick and easy installation & implementation as well as fast reimbursement for programs including:

  • California Carl Moyer Memorial Air Quality Attainment Program
  • Railroad Commission of Texas (RRC) Low Emissions Propane Forklift Initiative Program
  • Voluntary Emission Reduction Programs
* Current EPA Verified Technologies PM reduction values dependent upon the specific engine and application using USLD fuel. Values are subject to change.