The Ultimate Solution combining the benefits of Combifilter’s active regeneration with Purifilter passive operation

  • Purifilter Plus™ combines the benefits of Combifilter’s active regeneration with Purifilter’s passive operation to provide the combined benefits of both products
  • Purifilter Plus™ employs a passive Purifilter DPF to allow extended periods of passive operation with periodic active regeneration at a optimal interval determined for your equipment (i.e. weekly, biweekly, every preventative maintenance, etc.) to
    • increase Purifilter™ tolerance of duty cycle variations
    • provide a proactive fleet management / maintenance tool that insures equipment availability / up-time, low backpressure, fuel economy, and ease of on-board service without DPF removal
    • reduces infrastructure investment by allowing regeneration equipment to be used to support a wide number of Purifilter installations
    • truly eliminates the need to remove DPF’s except for de-ashing at 1500 engine hour intervals.
  • Purifilter Plus™ is the perfect solution for high utilization fleets (i.e. cargo handling at ports) or rental construction fleets who need a quick way to insure the condition of DPF’s installed on rental equipment to a wide variety of customers with different equipment uses.
* Current EPA Verified Technologies PM reduction values dependent upon the specific engine and application using USLD fuel. Values are subject to change.