ASFS Series

Heavy-Duty Standard Air Filters for On-Highway, Off-Highway and Stationary

Racor AFSF Standard Air Filters are designed to be connected to the air intake of the gasoline or diesel engine.

How They Work
Air flows through static vanes (plastic or metal) which causes the air to spin. Centrifugal force separates the heaviest impurities (dust, dirt, insects and other debris) from the air stream. These contaminants are discharged automatically through an integral evacuator valve. Only purified air flows to the air filter
elements (primary and safety stages of filtration).

Typical Applications:

  • Agricultural Machinery
  • Earth-Moving Equipment.
  • Stationary Engines; Generator Sets.
  • Trucks, Buses and Recreational Vehicles.
  • Material Handling Equipment.
  • Snow Removal Equipment and Street Sweepers