IPF - Inertia Pouring Frames

Standard Sizes 150mm deep, 200mm deep & 300mm deep.
Specials to order.

Inertia Pouring Frames have been developed for use with machines which produce high levels of vibration or those which are subjected to external forces or are simply unstable when mounted directly on spring or rubber mountings.

The use of Type IPF concrete filled steel frames allows high deflection/low stiffness mounting systems to be used giving extremely high vibration isolation without excessive motion. If required silicon filled dampers (Type SFD) can be incorporated in the system to further control motion during transient conditions such as machine start up, run down and machine faults.

Design Features:
  • Fully welded steel construction with integral concrete reinforcement fixed at 40 mm above bottom of frame.
  • Standard recessed height reducing corner brackets to suit Type OS Open Spring and ECS Enclosed Spring mountings or cantilever design for larger mountings.
  • Frames can be manufactured for 25 mm and 50 mm deflection mountings and 3 to 4 mm deflection Studflex rubber pads.
  • Large range of standard sizes in three depths 150, 200 and 300 mm and frame lengths not greater than 12 x depth unless additional mountings are fitted.
  • Any size designed to order with larger units supplied in bolt together "on site" sectional form.
  • Finished with a single coat of anti corrosive primer on external surfaces only or special finishes to order.

Typical Applications:

  • Compressors.
  • Generating Sets.
  • Engine/Dynamometer Test Rigs.
  • Refrigeration Plant.
  • Pumps (particularly Belt Driven types).

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IPF - Inertia Pouring Frames