Stowaway Series Watermakers

400-800 GPD
(1.5-3.0 m3/day)
For Sport Fishers, Trawlers and Ocean Yachts

The Stowaway Series offers fresh water independence for ocean crossings, extended fishing trips or cruising where dock supplies are unreliable.

The Stowaway features a semi modular frame format, which maximizes installation flexibility. The frame is compact and can be above or below water line. The boost pump and prefilters are supplied as loose items. The watermaker can be operated and monitored from the electronic remote control.

Key Features:

Stowaway Series Aqua Pro Pump 708-3Stowaway Series Remote Control Panel
Aqua Pro Pump 708-3
Triplex Titanium pump for low
vibration and low noise with
unsurpassed corrosion resistance.
Remote Control Panel
Touchscreen panel allows complete
watermaker control at your fingertips.
Remote control panel is included as
standard equipment.

Standard Features:

  • Unique titanium high pressure pump head is impervious to the corrosive seawater environment and is designed for very simple valve service
  • Easy access sediment prefilter
  • Maintenance-free air/oil separator allows operation while underway
  • Magnetic drive low pressure pump provides up to 10 psi of boost pressure to the filtration system. Never requires seal replacement
  • Glycerine filled pressure gauges and acrylic flowmeters for both product and reject streams
  • Freshwater flush system available as p/n 90-0215. For optional automation of the flush system, instead use p/n 90-1783 for 60Hz, or p/n 90-1782 for 50Hz
  • 316 stainless steel pressure regulator ensures consistent pressure and prevents over or under pressurization of the unit. Adjustable to allow operation in brackish or fresh water.
  • Easy to operate 316 SS high pressure bypass valve controls the operation from cleaning/rinse to R.O. mode and allows high pressure bypass for start-up and low pressure flushing without readjustment of regulating valve
  • Automatic diversion valve diverts water to discharge if water quality drops below acceptable standards
  • Color touch screen controller displays purity of product water output. Also displays temperature and total hours for accurate service log
  • Cleaning valve for easy cleaning or preservation of the unit using VMT cartridge cleaners

Stowaway Series Watermaker Specs