Little Wonder and Sea Quencher Desalinators

LW and SQ Series 6 to 8 GPH, 22 to 30 LPH
Compact and Reliable Supply of Fresh Water.
For Sailboats and Other Marine Applications.

The Little Wonder (LW) and Sea Quencher (SQ) Series Reverse Osmosis Desalination Systems are the preferred choice for boaters globally.

The units are simple to install and easy to operate. Ideal for applications where space and power are limited. The quality components that go into the LW and SQ units ensure safety and years of reliable service.

Standard Features:

  • Titanium High Pressure Pump is impervious to the corrosive sea water environment and designed for maximum efficiency
  • Raw Water Boost Pump with magnetic drive
  • Adjustable 316 SS Pressure Regulating Valve provides constant pressure. No fluctuating pressure and low noise
  • Product Flowmeter to monitor gallons per hour of fresh water
  • Glycerine filled high pressure gauge to assure accurate reading of operating pressure
  • Easy to operate High Pressure Bypass Valve controls the operating mode from cleaning/rinse to reverse osmosis
  • High salt water rejection rate
  • Fresh Water Flush System included
  • Product Sample Valve included
  • CIP system allows membrane cleaning/pickling by simple to use cartridges

Little Wonder-Grid1

Typical Modular Unit Plumbing Diagram