Retangular Type Sandwich Mounts

Rectangular mountings, also known as sandwich mountings, are widely used for mounting engines in road vehicles and mobile construction plant. In the larger sizes they are used as vehicle suspension springs and as mountings for acoustic chambers, hoppers and various types of heavy plant installation.

The rubber in the mountings is bonded between two metal plates with holes at each end for fitting. Some designs incorporate steel interleaves for increased load capacity. The mountings are best used in shear and compression but may be loaded directly in shear or compression.

Design Features:
  • Moulded in first grade natural rubber.
  • Steel metals, etch primed on external surfaces.
  • Rectangular mountings should not be used in tension or exposed to contamination by mineral oils.

Typical Applications:
  • Lift Head Gear.
  • Engine Mountings on Road Vehicles.
  • Mobile Construction Plant.
  • Hoppers.
  • Heavy Plant.
  • Conveyor Systems.

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