Racor SPK Portable Water Treatment System

3 GPM (11 LPM)

Racor SPK portable water treatment systems provide clean water for R.V.’s, motor coaches, boats, yachts and vacation properties. The fresh, safe alternative to costly bottled water. Fill your tanks or cistern with clean water from this Racor 3-stage treatment system--sediment filter plus carbon filter plus ultraviolet treatment.


The Racor SPK provides boat owners with a dockside treatment for marina water supply at locations where water safety is uncertain. Simply fill your tank through the unit for 3-stage treated water in your tanks.
Similarly, RV owners can use this system to fill tanks from uncertain supplies. At the cottage or vacation property, add a small pump to use the SPK for treating collected rain water or clean stream water for safe use. Note: the SPK is not a softener or a desalinator and therefore it will not remove hardness, salt or metals.

Racor SPK Water Treatment DiagramSpecifications:

  • Power supply - 14 watts at
    P/N 90-0071 | 110/1/60 Power
    P/N 90-0072 | 230/1/50/60 Power
    P/N 90-0073 | 12 VDC Power
  • Capacity - 3 GPM (11 LPM) flowrate provides maximum UV dosage.
  • UV dosage - >30,000 microwatt.sec/cm2 at 254 nanometers providing a lethal dosage to bacteria, viruses and microorganisms.
  • Size 12” x 12” x 18” LWH; (30 x 30 x 45 cm).
    20 lbs; (9 kg)

SPK Racor Portable Water Treatment specs