Marinflex Type MPM & MPBM

Sizes 1 & 2

For many years these isolators have provided highly effective control of vibration, structure borne noise and shock under most stringent and rigorous conditions experienced on marine and other mobile installations. They have also been applied very successfully to a wide range of machinery employed in industrial and office buildings. Both of the two MPM sizes of isolator designed and manufactured by us are available in pedestal or bracket form for conventional or side mounting.

Different rubber stiffnesses are available for each isolator type and size and this facilitates selection of the isolators with the best characteristics for a particular application. General type approval has been given by Lloyd's Register of Shipping.

Design Features:
  • SG iron castings to BS1563:1997 EN-GJS-400/15.
  • Resilient elements are first grade natural rubber to metal bonded units.
  • By loading the rubber elements in combined shear and compression a good balance between high load capacity and static deflection has been achieved.
  • Rubber elements are contained and protected within top and base metals. The shape of the top and the rubber elements are designed to increase stiffness and control movement under overload conditions.
  • Rebound washers are incorporated to control movement due to ship or vehicle motion.
  • High lateral to vertical stiffness ratio of rubber element assists in the control of motion and in many instances obviates the need for additional external side and end restraints.

Typical Applications:
  • Marine Propulsion Engines.
  • Generating Sets.
  • Pumps and Compressors.
  • Control Cabinets.

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