Bilgewater Membrane Separator

BMS350, BMS500
BMS1000, BMS2000, and
Bilge Water Treatment

Racor VMT’s oily water separators meet the IMO Resolution MEPC 107(49). Racor VMT units are an advanced three-stage system optimizing the separation and removal of free and emulsified oils.

Heavy duty construction, corrosion resistant materials, permanent oil attractant media, quiet operation, automatic diversion valves and advanced Racor VMT membrane technology result in an easy to use, fully automated, high quality, affordable solution to meet your bilge water treatment needs.

Key Features:

  • USCG Certified to meet IMO MEPC 107(49) regulations
  • MEPC 107(49) certified oil content monitor included
  • Advanced three-stage design for maximum oil separation
  • Fully automated system
  • Racor VMT membrane technology specifically designed for bilge water treatment
  • System employs a self-cleaning cycle for prolonged membrane service life
  • Compact design minimizes storage space
  • Positive shut-off solenoid valves for operational reliability

General Specifications:

  • Inlet Connection:
    3/4” FNPT on models BMS350-1000
    1-1/4” FNPT on models BMS2000 and BMS2500
  • Treated Water Outlet:
    3/4” FNPT on all models
  • Oil Discharge:
    3/4” FNPT on all models
  • Clean Water Flush Inlet:
    3/4” FNPT on all models; maximum water pressure 20 psi

Bilgewater Separator Specs